photo1In the 80’s I spent a lot of time in my bedroom on my Commodore64 computer learning how to make a blip move across the screen.

When the internet was introduced I began building websites for my own business. They were very adequate, but lacked a degree of functionality and style. I simply didn’t have the money to make them all singing and dancing. That changed when WordPress came along.

Since it’s introduction in 2003, WordPress has revolutionized website design, making it much more accessible and affordable. WordPress is simple to use and at the same time offers loads of functionality at your fingertips. You don’t need to understand how to code – or have masses of dosh – to have a professional and elegant web presence.

WordPress lets you display your services and/or sell products. You can incorporate members areas & forums, photo galleries and pop-ups… you can link it to your social media accounts and newsletter providers…  and the more popular WordPress is getting, the more it’s evolving and improving, with new functions being added all the time.

I’ve built websites for my own business and also for friends who are self-employed. I’ve designed a suite of websites for a national charity, business directories and podcasting sites.

I can help you to:

  • Buy a web address
  • Get your site hosted
  • Set up your email accounts
  • Build your website on WordPress
  • Back up your site
  • Discuss cost-effective ways to promote your site
  • Teach you how to run your site so you don’t need me anymore
  • Help again if required

If you need a hand, get in touch. I can discuss your business, what you want from your website and what your budget is.

Tammy Parlour